How to Incorporate buzzn CBD into Your Summer Fun

There are so many things to do during the summer in Brooklyn. But have you ever thought about all the things that you can do when you combine summer activities with CBD. Many people believe CBD has THC in it, and that’s just not the case. CBD is a natural way for you to elevate your days and nights, without the high people experience with marijuana. Because we think that people still need to be reminded that CBD is a natural, THC-free product, we decided that we would tell you all about the ways you can incorporate buzzn CBD into your summertime activities. There’s so much fun to be had during summer in Brooklyn, and buzzn CBD is a great way to take summer fun to another level.

5 Ways to Use buzzn CBD this Summer

Elevate your Mood

Summer is officially here in Brooklyn. And it’s time to get outdoors and explore beautiful New York or just plain have fun as much as you can. The days are longer, hangouts with friends and family seem more frequent and Brooklyn residents, as well as the rest of NYC, are fully taking advantage of summer. We’re sure that you have tons of amazing plans to look forward to this summer. Why not enhance your mood with some CBD during one of your summertime activities with CBD?

buzzn CBD, as well as all CBD for that matter, is a natural mood enhancer. If you’re taking a day trip to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, put a couple drops of buzzn CBD into your morning smoothie. By the time you get where you’re going, you should feel the effects of the CBD just in time to elevate your summertime hangout even more. Take your CBD with you, grab a fresh brewed iced tea and put some buzzn Orange Bliss in it to elevate your mood on the way to meeting friends. Take your fun to the next level when you mix summertime activities with CBD.

Skin Soother and Protectant

We’ve all done it. You go out for the day on the town with your friends or even to run errands around the city. You’re hoofing it from store to store and you remember you didn’t put on sunscreen. You can feel it on your forehead, chest and maybe even your back. And the worst part about it is you have some kind of something to do that night and you don’t want to have super irritated, painful sunburn bothering you while you’re out. So what do you do?

Enter buzzn CBD. Instead of elevating your summer activities with CBD, use our Super Powered Healing Balm to help you recover from those days when your activities got a little out of hand. buzzn CBD helps with inflammation. In this case, your sun burn. Use the balm on the areas that your skin got burned, and let the CBD do its thing. If you want to try a different method, try putting a couple drops of our Chill Mint into your aloevera. Either way, you’re helping reduce the inflammation caused by the sun, and help protect and fortify your skin for the future.

CBD Cocktails

One of our favorite summer activities with CBD is making cocktails for an elevated “Happy Hour.” A cold, refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day is one of the best things about summer. Impress your friends with your bartending skills and make one of these CBD infused cocktails for your next gathering. Like we mentioned before, CBD is a natural mood enhancer. By adding it to cocktails, you get the natural effects of CBD and alcohol, giving you an elevated buzz without that loopy “cross-faded” feeling that smoking regular THC and drinking gives you.

Jumpstart Your Summer Workout

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop working out. In fact, most people ramp up their workouts for the summer. But regardless, whether you’re going for a jog at the gym, going to hot yoga or getting out of the city and taking a hike or swim, you can jumpstart your summer workout activities with CBD. buzzn CBD helps with a variety of things, but it’s a mood enhancer and productivity booster as well as an anti-inflammatory at its core. Those are all things that would help take any summer workout to the next level. And let’s be honest, if you’re doing any kind of workout outdoors during this time of year, you could probably use as much help as you can get, right?

Roadtrips or Travel with your Pooch

Since summer in Brooklyn is so hot and humid, it’s very common that residents take vacations or road trips to escape. Many dog owners think about taking their dogs with them, but some dogs have issues being in cars for long periods of time or being crated and flown to a different destination. It can make them anxious and act out of character. Traveling can be stressful for humans, so imagine what your dog would go through if they were in that situation.

Next time you want to take a road trip or go take your dog with you to the Bahamas, give them some of our chill bites. First of all, dogs love getting treats. And these treats are scrumptious and help with a variety of anxiety issues surrounding travel which makes them even more paw-some.

Try buzzn CBD and Start Elevating Your Mood

If you’re looking to elevate your summer from the start, you need to try our buzzn CBD products. Our CBD products are top of the line, going through strenuous testing and a proprietary process that we developed to bring you the highest quality CBD products on the market. No matter how awesome your plans are, there’s always room to level up. Summer only comes once a year, and you want to make sure that you maximize all the fun that you have. Summer activities with CBD is good clean fun for everyone. Try our products today.

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