We all know mercury rules communication—but did you also know the planet rules your lungs, mouth, tongue, hands, digestive system, and nervous system?

So when this planet goes retrograde, you might feel like your tongue is twisted, your hands keep dropping things, your digestion is out of whack, or like you’re on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Here are four ways to combat those bodily malfunctions so that you can get your body out of retrograde…

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1. Stretch Out Your Tongue

Honey bunny, you don’t need to get your tongue tied up in a knot. We recommend you take a full dropper of CBD Drops first thing in the morning, and do vocal warm ups for 10-15 minutes while the CBD kicks into your system.

Your tongue is said to be one of the strongest muscles in your body—and the CBD will help you loosen it up so that you let go of the mercury retrograde tendency to mess up your words… and hey… maybe you’ll finally by the end of retrograde you’ll finally be able to roll your r’s.


2. Massage Out Your Hand Muscles 

During mercury retrograde you may experience issues with technology—and for many of us this comes in the form of dropping and shattering our phones.

Avoid slippery hands and delirious dropping by practicing hand reflexology in the middle of your day.

Grab a small amount of our CBD Healing Balm and massage out excess tension in your palms, fingers, and karate chop point. Not only will this reduce muscle spasms and break up knots, but it will also wake up the muscles and organs throughout your body. Do this around 3:00 pm and that retrograde fatigue will have nothing on you.

3. Ease Your Digestive System with Chill CBD Drops

Upset stomach? Our Chill CBD Drops are made with peppermint oil which has been proven to aid in digestion, and reverse everything from gas & bloating to cramps. It’s so powerful in healing stomach aches that it’s even recommended for those who suffer from IBS.

Start with a half dropper of our Chill Drops and work your way up to a full dropper if needed.


4. Calm Your Nerves with Bliss Drops 

Nervous energy, social anxiety, and the daily pressures of life get to all of us at some point or another. Calm yourself down when you feel like you’re on the brink of a nervous breakdown by taking our Bliss Drops are made with orange oil.

Orange Oil is known for relaxing your body’s central nervous system, and when paired with our broad spectrum CBD oil it’s a powerful way to kick any nervous energy to the curb.

Prevent a nervous breakdown from creeping in by making a nightly ritual of taking a ½ dropper of the Bliss Drops 30 minutes before bed while you rub lavender essential oil on the soles of your feet. We promise, you’ll sleep like a big baby.

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