Oh hey, another year is coming. But this year, it’s a little different than the rest. It’s just a little bit more special. We’re not just saying goodbye to another year, it’s saying goodbye to a whole decade!

Most of us take the time to reflect back at every year’s end. This year, it’s hard not to reflect back on what has changed about ourselves and around us in the last ten years. For us, the founders of Buzzn, we continue to be grateful yet baffled by the fact that Buzzn only came to be in the last ten MONTHS and we are very much looking forward to the next decade!

As we think back professionally and personally, our goals should always be moving forward and making improvements. But we’re all only human and somedays feels like we’re just standing still but we bet that if you look back collectively on the last year, two years, ten years, you can see just how far you’ve come!

As you make your New Year resolution this year, we encourage you to be proactive and actively journal about your goals for 2020 and beyond! Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  1. Break your goals down to measurable chunks
  2. Make a timeline
  3. Treat yourself
  4. Get your friends involved and hold each other accountable
  5. Don’t make the same resolution year after year

To give you a little inspo, here are our founder’s New Year resolutions:

Dr. Min
  1. Aside from taking CBD daily (which I do to kickstart my day), I want to be more consistent with my wellness practices such as workout 3x a week for at least 40 min
  2. Practice gratitude by writing in my journal once a day along with meditation and put an hour aside for myself once a day for self-care
  3. Be aware of my resource consumption by continuing to reduce unnecessary waste. Little things like reducing time in the shower, supporting brands that upcycle/ vintage shop/ and less “fast fashion” does matter
  4. Eat less meat. This one will be hard for me given that I’m Korean and KBBQ is what grew up on. However, being exposed to the truths of slaughter houses and working closely with KK9R, I’m determined to eventually go vegan altogether
  5. Besides eating less meat, being more conscious in general about what I put in my body. Consume less junk food (chips & soda), more veggies, grains, & fruit
  6. Hydrate 3L a day
  7. Continue to network with like-minded individuals in the cannabis space on a mission to de-stigmatize hemp and be a source for education
  8. Continue to learn/research/ and participate all things cannabis!
  1. Continue on my health journey and sticking to my workout routine (cardio and strength training: 3x / week, hot yoga: 3x / week)
  2. Continue to educate on CBD skincare benefits and look for more opportunities to speak out about living with eczema and supporting the eczema community
  3. Learn more about the cannabis plant and connect with others who are passionate about the cannabis / CBD / hemp industry
  4. Let myself be ok with getting sidetracked on my “diet” – (full disclosure: I don’t really diet, but people with eczema and sensitive skin tend to also have many food sensitivities and I am one of them so I stick to a pretty strict way of eating. BUT, I LOVE sweets)
  5. Be more involved (donations or time) in non-profits and charities. Giving back in general in important so I would like to get involved or give to 2 or more non-profits every year
  6. Connect with my family and friends more. Not just to give more time to my family and friends but truly be present when I’m with them
  7. I’m so connected digitally and I’m making a commitment to have digital detox once a week where I completely disconnect from my laptop and phone
  8. Make sure to take time for myself when I need it and not feel guilty. Often times, we all push forward and cause ourselves (mentally and physically) more stress and it’s not worth all the negative side effects

We’re holding each other accountable for these resolutions and we hope that this helps you write yours! We would love to know what your New Year resolutions are! Comment or DM us!

Thank you for a great 2019, Happy New Year and we can’t wait to get to know you better in 2020!

All our love,

Dr. Min and Lisa

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