Benefits of Pet CBD for Your Dog

All dog owners want the same thing for their dogs: for them to live happy and healthy lives. However, just like humans, they can come down with serious chronic illnesses and pains that make their day to day life rough. While they can’t communicate it to their pawrent and it may not be obvious, dogs suffer the same knee aches, migraines and back pains that humans do. As we move toward an age of natural medicine and cannabis-inspired healing, you can take a natural approach with your dog, instead of turning to modern medicine with pet CBD. There are many benefits of CBD for your pet. Keep reading for more information on how pet CBD can benefit your fur-baby.

What is CBD and Pet CBD?

pet CBD benefitsCBD stands for Cannabidiol, a derivative from the cannabis plant (marijuana plant). While being from the same plant as the popular psychoactive drug THC or TetraHydroCannabinol, CBD has NO psychoactive affects and WILL NOT get your dog “high.” Rightfully so, many owners have the concern that their dogs state of mind will be changed when dealing with pet CBD, but that is far from the case. THC and CBD can be extracted and separated to be used for their respective purposes. When using CBD on its own, the medical benefits have shown to be tremendous.

For many years, the medical studies of CBD usage for humans has shown great potential for relieving pain and inflammation, reducing stress, muscle spasms, anxiety and even seizures. In more recent years, the consideration of using CBD for pets as a treatment has become far more popular and sensible. If it works for humans, why can’t it work for dogs? Many studies have been conducted testing the safety and health benefits for CBD usage for dogs and we’ve seen promising feedback as a result. Stories have come to surface about pet CBD helping minimize the effects of  illnesses that were previously said to be fatal, therefore prolonging the life of many dogs.

7 Benefits of CBD for Pets

1. Reduces Anxiety

The calming effects of CBD can lead to a calmer pup. Many dogs that come down with chronic illnesses are also forced into a life full of stress and anxiety. Along with reducing stress and anxiety, pet CBD has also shown to help with depression. CBD for pets is particularly useful when it comes to dogs that cannot take traditional medicines, because of existing health conditions or side effects. Prescription pills, like with humans, often lead to more complications and can be a hassle to keep up with.

2. Joint Pain and Arthritis

This is one of those things that most owners aren’t able to see in their dogs. Dogs can’t voice their specific pains in their knees or hips like a human would be able to, but their problems definitely exist. As they get older, many dogs form some type of arthritis or joint pain that usually can’t be treated with anything other than pain killers, which come with side effects and other negatives. Pet CBD is the natural treatment that can ease your dog’s aches and pains without having to force a pill down their throat. 

3. Nausea and Loss of Appetite

One stereotype that comes along with the usage of marijuana products is getting the “munchies.” Believe it or not, this can help your dog. If you’re having trouble getting your dog to eat, or they’re experiencing nausea, pet CBD might be the perfect answer. While your dog isn’t getting “high,” CBD can still make your dog hungry, along with easing the pain of stomach problems or nausea. Get that pup to eat with pet CBD!

4. Aggressive Behaviors

This is an important one. Many owners struggle with their dog’s aggressive behavior towards other dogs, animals or children. Dogs can have a variety of reasons that they may have for displaying these aggressive behaviors. Whether it’s stress, past trauma or abuse, or just a bad day, dogs can’t explain their reasoning for acting aggressively. CBD’s calming effects could be the solution. Many common remedies for this problem involve muscle relaxers or other sedative type medications that can lead to the same negative side effects we talked about before. Pet CBD relaxes the body and the mind, relieving stress and anxiety to help your dog live happy and healthier.

5. Seizures

Many humans that suffer from seizures and epilepsy have already hopped on the CBD train to help deal with their illnesses. It has become a very popular solution to reducing the number of seizure-related episodes dramatically, and in some cases stopping them all together. While these conditions are less common with canines, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ones out there with the same problems that require the same level of help.  It can be stressful for owners to know that their dog could have a seizure at any moment, making it hard for them to be left alone. CBD for pets can help reduce these episodes and even stop them, giving owners peace of mind that their dog is living comfortably with less chance of an episode.

6. Inhibiting Growth of Cancer Cells

One of the great benefits of CBD for pets that is starting to emerge to the public eye is the reduction or even stoppage of cancer cell growth altogether. It has become a popular treatment for dogs with cancer, as it has been a struggle forever to find a safe and effective way to treat dogs without shelling out thousands of dollars for surgeries and treatments. CBD has shown the ability to not only kill off existing cancer and tumor cells, but to prevent the growth of future cells. Cancer is a huge problem in many forms of life, and CBD is helping diminish the hurt caused by the disease.

7. Sleep

To go along with all the relaxation that CBD can give your pup, it can help them sleep. Dogs with chronic pains and illnesses can have a tough time sleeping which can only lead to more health problems. Pet CBD can ease your dog’s pains and stress to allow them a good night’s sleep. You need your sleep and so does your dog!

Types of Pet CBD for your Dog

The most popular medium for pet CBD administration is CBD oil or CBD infused treats. The benefit of pet CBD oil is that you can easily control the amount of CBD you’re giving your dog in droplet form, either through directly dropping it into their mouths, or dropping it on their food. You can easily measure out dosage in the eye dropper, and they won’t even notice the taste.

Treats are also a great option because most dogs will never shy away from a treat, and you get the satisfaction of applying their medicine with no struggle. After giving your dog the CBD for pets, hopefully you’ll see the results and benefits of CBD for pets that others have seen.

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