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With the Federal legalization of hemp, the Sixth Annual Oregon Hemp Convention held June 7-9, 2019 in Portland, Oregon, proved to be an eye opening experience into the future of this industry. So that I can wade through this Gold Rush 2.0 in search of the best CBD gold, I found myself asking vendors three key questions.

  1. Where is the CBD sourced? This lets me know if I am supporting local farms with a history of growing cannabis using sustainable and organic means. A key part of this sustainability is knowing they strive for equality in their employment practices, and that they work to help those who have been adversely impacted by the ongoing war on drugs.
  2. How is the CBD processed? Is it free of solvents, pesticides and other harmful additives?
  3. How much CBD is in this product? For example, a CBD beverage containing 5 mg of CBD will give me a gentle pleasant buzz but I find that I need a CBD product with at least 25 mg per serving in order to have a healing effect on my aching joints and hurried mind.

Most of the products I sampled seemed to work reasonably well but given this bounty, I wanted to seek out the best of the best. For examples, I connected with a few vendors who partnered with East Fork Cultivars, a craft farm based in the Rogue Valley in Oregon. I was familiar with this farm’s partnerships having sampled products made from cannabis harvested from their farm. Among those products include: Danodan‘s CBD drops available as ad-ons at a number of Portland brewpubs; Empower® BodyCare’s line of cannabis infused topicals; Grön CBD chocolates; and Peak Extracts‘ rescue rub, chocolate, and extracts, and Müru’s “cannamixer” syrups.

Phil Boyle from Coalition Brewing was pouring their signature Two Flowers IPA, a CBD infused beer available on tap at their Portland based brewery and a smattering of area breweries. Bottles are now available for purchase at the brewery and select grocery stores. When asked about their collaboration with Coalition Brewing, Nathan Howard, co-founder of East Fork Cultivars, replied, “We worked with Coalition Brewing to help them develop CBD-infused beers and provided CBD education to their staff and patrons via CBD Certified.”

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