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Give your favorite furry friend the calming benefits of PCR-hemp oil with the Buzzn Puppy Potion. It’s specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients. This oil is easy to administer and supports your pet’s health and wellness without negative side effects. Total zen and happiness awaits your furry best friend.

Product Size

Each 1oz (30ml) bottle contains 250mg of PCR-hemp

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Uses & Ingredients


  • Anxiety
  • Nervous-Licking
  • Phobias/Fears
  • The Stress of Flying
  • Stress Associated with Road Trips/Car Rides
  • A Better Nights Sleep


Made with the highest quality:

  • Broad Spectrum PCR-Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil

4 reviews for Puppy Potion

  1. Anthony

    I went out on a whim with the puppy potion. Nalla, my 1 year old husky, has had issues with anxiety since I got her. I thought would get better over time but it hasn’t changed. I started giving her the puppy potion, and nothing really changed immediately, but it’s been a week and over the last few days she has be sooo much more calm and doesn’t seem half as anxious. It even puts me at ease knowing there are natural remedies out there that actually work, like this one.

    Will continue to use, let’s hope it keeps working! Whatever the people at buzzn are doing just works.

  2. Jessica

    Puppy Potion had changed Tatertot’s life. He had such bad anxiety, chronic licking and separation anxiety issues. After starting him on Puppy Potion he is a completely different dog. He can go to the dog park and interacts with other dogs. He used to get territorial and attack other dogs, but he has started to act like a healthy dog again. Prozac never worked for him, but Puppy Potion did.

  3. Melissa Moy

    Love these dog treats. My dog can be insane sometimes whenever there is new people around. I started introducing CBD to him and it’s amazing to see him do so much better after a month in. He stopped trying to attack my dog walker, and his overall presence is less aggressive. I use the Oil in his food every morning and give him 1-2 treats a day. Thank you!!

  4. Joseph Sulieman

    My 8 months old American bulldog weighs over 80lbs. With the most energy Ive ever seen in a puppy yet. When i visit friends in the city he refuses to use the elevator. Thanks to puppy potion he’s calmer & much for chill than ever ! this stuff is the best ! glad i found a product i can rely on bravo buzzn 👌

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