Today, we want to introduce you to Tokala. You may have seen her in some of our Buzzn posts (she’s kinda famous – NBD). Tokala is another successful rescue story from Korean K9 Rescue. Today, we want to share her story and why we just love her!


Tokala was brought to New York from S. Korea by Korean K9 Rescue. She wasn’t alone for her long trip, though; she came with her siblings. However, Tokala was the last of the litter to be at the adoption event. Her pawrents were looking for a rescue and knew that a Jindo was the perfect fit for their lifestyle. After meeting Tokala (formerly Amber) by chance, they had a beautiful bonding moment. After a brief fostering period, Tokala knew she was in her fur-ever home.


As happy as everyone was, due to the sheer nature of being a rescue animal, Tokala had some anxiety. “Initially, Tokala was deeply troubled and fearful of everything. We worked on strengthening our bond with her and gave her intensive training. We also worked really hard to acclimate her to her new city life so that she wasn’t so scared of Brooklyn’s lights and sounds. One other thing we did was giving her CBD calming oil, which worked so well to soften her heightened senses.” But it didn’t stop there. Her new family continued to work with her to build her confidence in her new surroundings. Tokala also went through daily regimented obedience and agility training to come out of her shell. Through all this love and patience, Tokala started to see the world differently. She started making new friends and realizing that the world is not such a scary place, and there are some really kind people out there.


Today, Tokala is an entirely different dog than the one that came to New York years ago. She’s happy, adventurous, and loves to explore her agility and abilities in different environments. Being a Jindo, her prey drive makes her a devout squirrel watcher. She also loves to track small animals. She’s at her best when she’s experiencing the world around her. She still has pet peeves, of course, we were told that “tiny sharp sounds such as nail clippings are considered highly offensive and will not be tolerated.”


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