For most dog lovers, it’s hard to walk by many dogs and not crack a smile. But, in our busy day-to-day, we often don’t stop to play with a dog. This is certainly not the case with this little one-year-old pup – meet Pino. Pino is the kind of dog that you’ll stop for, even if it means you miss your train and be late to work. But, Pino isn’t just a cute pup, he also comes with a heart-warming story.

Humble beginnings

Pino is a tripod, that (obviously) means he has three legs. It’s unclear how he lost one of his legs. Pino, his mom, and his siblings were all found under a shipping container in South Korea. BFA Korea found them and brought them to health. Pino was the last to leave BFA in South Korea because of his stump. He was there a month longer than the rest of his family. Finally, Gina from Korea K9 Rescue convinced BFA to allow Pino to travel with someone in the regular plane cabin so that he could be looked after. When Pino got to New York, our Co-Founder, Dr. Min An fostered him for a week until Pino was adopted by his now paw-rents Mo and Kaitlin. Pino and his family were all placed into loving homes through Korean K9 Rescue. All but one of his siblings now live in Brooklyn.

Readjusting to life in the big city

A new life in New York is a bit different than running along dirt roads in South Korea. Pino had to adjust to his new surroundings. Due to Pino being a tripod, it was suggested that he does hydrotherapy and in-home exercises to strengthen his other legs and reinforce his balance to make sure he’s able to support his body as he gets older. But don’t think for a second that Pino is moping around. Pino loves to play with other dogs – big and small. According to his paw-rents, he will run up to any human and any dog just to sniff them out and say “hello.”

Using CBD

Besides hydrotherapy and in-home exercises, Pino also uses CBD to help with his recovery journey. Mo and Kaitlin use buzzn CBD for his health, immunity, and for days when his stump seems tender. They also use CBD a couple days before traveling and during travel. Not in the case of Pino, but some three-legged dogs may feel more vulnerable, so using a CBD supplement may help calm their anxiety as well.

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At buzzn, we proudly work with Korean K9 Rescue and donate $1 for every sale of pet products to their cause. Korean K9 rescue’s mission is to save dogs from meat farms in Korea, high kill shelters, and abandoned dogs (like Pino) to find their forever homes.

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