We know how Valentine’s Day can be – some years you hate it and some years you can’t wait to celebrate with that special someone. How about we give you a challenge this year? We challenge you to love yourself this Valentine’s Day and every day this year!

We, the founders of Buzzn haven’t always been the best at putting ourselves first. We will be the first to admit that we can be workaholics and overachievers. It took us both awhile, but we have learned to balance our life and take care of ourselves so we don’t get overwhelmed. Over the years, we have learned that if we don’t take care of ourselves, then we can’t properly take care of work, family, our pups, etc.

Self-care / self-love looks different for everyone. What relaxes one person may be anxiety inducing for another. It’s important to be honest with yourself when it comes to self-care. Just because you read about it in a book, doesn’t mean that it works for you. If you find meditating to be more of a chore, then that’s not your way to self-love and THAT’S OK!! 😀

To inspire you to jump into this season of love, our founders are sharing their own self-love techniques!

Dr. Min An:

In addition to Buzzn, I’m still a practicing Pharmacist. That means long days almost everyday of the week. I have to take time for myself at the beginning and end of every day. Here are some of my daily must-do’s:

  1. Soak: I take an epsom salt bath daily. My ritual includes taking a dropperful of chill mint, lighting my favorite candles, and playing ocean waves on my iHome while soaking for about 20 minutes
  2. Disconnect: I put my phone on airplane mode, and charging in another room an hour before bed and for the remainder of the evening. This gives me time to be 100% offline and focused on myself, whether that’s reading a few chapters of my book, meditating, listening to podcast, filling out my to-do for the next day, or catching up on Netflix shows.
  3. Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude: The moment I wake up, I read my gratitude of the day from a book by Cyndie Spiegel called ‘A Year of Positive Thinking.” Then I write down 1 thing I’m grateful for and 3 whys.

Like Min, besides Buzzn, I also have other projects on my plate. I travel for some of those projects and the schedule can get very hectic. I sometimes find it hard to squeeze in the time for myself, family and friends but as hard as it is, I find that my soul needs it. Here are some things I do that helps me find my zen:

  1. I allow myself to feel everything: I’m not talking about being a drama queen. I’m a very private person and I keep it together all day long, but when I’m in the privacy of my own home, I let it all go. I let myself feel, cry, get angry, be lazy, etc. What I don’t allow is guilt and shame for feeling those in the privacy of my own home
  2. Active Journaling: Everyday, the first thing I do is journal. But I journal actively. Which means, that I always walk away with action items and greater awareness
  3. Workout: I workout every day, whether that’s 30 minutes jogging with the pup or a spin class, I make sure to take some timeout for myself to burn off some energy. Afterwards, I take the time for a hot shower followed by using Super Powered Healing Balm on sore muscles and help me relax
  4. Time with friends and family: I notice that when my relationships suffer, it causes me more anxiety so loving myself means loving on those who are close to me. I have a weekly standing date night with my husband (no matter what) and I also do the same with phone date with friends. I speak with my friends at a designated time every week so I can stay in touch with those close to me.

As you can see, how we both approach self-love and care is so different. We seriously encourage you to love on yourself this Valentine’s Day – whatever that looks like to you. You don’t need to wait for anyone else… but if you get some chocolate, please share with us because we love chocolate and well, sharing is caring 😋🍫


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